A Time to Laugh a Time to Cry

A Time to Laugh a Time to Cry

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“The only reason to yell is if the house is on fire!” A simple statement but a powerful truth for any parent who seeks the best for his/her children. “A Time to Laugh and a Time to Cry” was written by the father of three sons. Don Emmitte has discovered that life is filled with times for both happiness and sorrow when it comes to raising children. The key is to learn to appreciate both.

 Experience grace rather than guilt

  • Parenting as a joy rather than a nightmare
  • Overcome the mistakes my parents made with me
  • Passing on a blessing to my children
  • Helping my children develop honor

 The goal of parenthood is to see children develop into positive, affirmative Christians. We want to hear words like confident, positive, well-liked, strong, competent, and bright used to describe our children. As Don invites you to observe his journey with his sons, you will discover a new joy that can only be experienced by successful parents.

 “Throughout the book, I hope you will see the pilgrimage of our lives as an illustration of one way of developing these characteristics in your family. I do not believe that the means is important at all. It is the resulting knowledge and application that are essentials. God teaches all of us in different ways.”

 Don Emmitte is the Founder and Executive Director of Grace Restoration Ministries (www.gracerestoration.org) located near Nashville, Tennessee. He has been involved in Christian ministry for nearly forty years, including specific roles with college students, prisons, and at-risk-children. Don has also served in vocational ministry for over twenty years as a Senior/Lead Pastor of multiple churches in Texas and Tennessee. His focus has always included an emphasis on ministry to families, most recently through counseling and life coaching by way of GRM. Don continues to write Morning Devotionals, a daily inspirational thought distributed by email subscription to over 3,000 readers across the United States.