Authentic Stewardship

Authentic Stewardship

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Authentic Stewardship takes you beyond the usual "everything belongs to God" and "give your tithes to the church" discussion. It is an in-depth look at what the author calls "authentic" stewardship. You will gain new insight into passages that speak to the subject and discover age-old truths from a fresh perspective. 

"Every stewardship leader must become a person of great stewardship books and of The Book.  Any commitment to authentic, engaged stewardship ministry must also include a commitment to reading about it.  Authentic Stewardship will be forever known as a classic in my stewardship library. The insights and promises contained herein set this book and its author out as one of the most valuable in our time." (Scott Preissler, Founder of the Stewardship Library)

We need authentic stewardship giving and lifestyles now!   No more ground can afford to be lost while the church in America occasionally offers a stewardship sermon and is seen for lack of commitment to stewardship lifestyles in these pressing times, forecast to remain “cloudy and overcast” unless authentic change happens now. 

I pray that hearts and intellects of our future leaders will be disturbed and raw-challenged by the contents; that a new generation will claim this book as their clarion call to usher in a change in ministry giving.  Moreover to desire, and motive to live authentically and publicly as stewardship leaders.  Every ministry should buy a crate of this book and ensure all board members study together the amazing meanings in each chapter as they lead ministry”.