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Environmental manager Mary Ann Hodges takes on a job to build a near-zero-emission coal power plant and mine at a power generating and mining company in the Utah desert. She discovers a conspiracy to hide the truth about an illegal gold mining operation in partnership with an oil and shale fracking company which is threatening the region environmentally. Mary Ann goes on a desperate hunt for answers, drawing on spiritual strength for courage to overcome the nightmarish challenges of her boss that include kidnapping and attempted murder. Meanwhile, a Chinese alternative medicine physician is searching for a cure for cancer and teams with a physical anthropologist to discover the medical curative used by a hidden ancient American Indian civilization that is being impacted by the gold mining operation of Mary Ann’s unethical boss.

Like Backcut, Cynthia's first novel about a female professional working in a male-dominated, energy-related industry, Backfill provides a thrilling environmental mystery enriched with well-researched technical information about modern power generation, coal mining, fracking, anthropology, alternative medicine and American Indian history.


“Short chapters set each vivid scene; characters are masterfully crafted.  Science, industry, medicine, ancestry, spirituality – all interwoven, creating parallel storylines.  One is drawn in and captivated by the intrigue and suspense….right to the very end of the book.  Then you wish there was more! “

Betty Orth –  Editorial Assistant, Author of Children’s Books, Poems”