Beyond the Closure Myth

Beyond the Closure Myth

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THIS BOOK CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If your life's dream has been shattered, if you are enduring a staggering loss, if all hope has vanished, this book is for you. Faith does not insulate us from tragedy and loss. Faith guides us through to a place of hope we never dreamed possible.

 In Beyond the Closure Myth, Glen Schmucker tells his own story, a story about how the loss of one dream after another opened the door to a more meaningful life, the life that faith in Christ makes possible. There is something better than "closure." It is the experience of what happens when God redeems our broken dreams and makes of them a life we never imagined.

 "Life is always and only learned in the living itself. Glen Schmucker takes us on one man's journey of discovery, and we find ourselves wondering if he's telling our story too. Beyond the Closure Myth declares that in the hands of God the life we find after the life we lose may be more than we ever imagined. Closure may be a myth, but hope remains alive because the future is surprisingly open."

- Dr. George Mason, Senior Pastor, Wtlshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

  "Sometimes life's regrets leave us locked in a dark room, afraid to step outside. As Glen Schmucker openly throws light on his own life, we catch a glimpse of pain's purpose and God's exquisite use of it in our epic story. He points us to Christ's open wounds touched by a doubting Thomas. Within the pages of Beyond the Closure Myth, a curtain is parted and we discover the sun shining on a new day where we find the freedom to step outside once again-to hope, to dream, to live."

- Sheri Pattillo, MBA, leader in nonprofit strategic management and fundraising

 "Glen leads us through exquisite and often laugh-out-Ioud storytelling to a God big enough to forgive, redeem, and restore the souls of ordinary Christians trying to make sense out of suffering. Glen is right, there is no closure; rather there is the incredible expansion of meaning and purpose when the suffering soul absorbs the healing waters in the River of Grace."

- Rev. J. Scott Turner, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Steamboat Springs,

 Glen Schmucker has spent virtually his entire career in the professional ministry. He graduated from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a father of two grown sons and has recently learned the joy of being a grandfather for the first time. He and his wife, Nancy, make their home in San Antonio, Texas, along with their two golden retrievers, Sam and Rudy.

 Glen loves to play golf, preach, write and meet new people anytime he gets the chance.