Grace Always Comes: Daily Devotionals Through the Bible

Grace Always Comes: Daily Devotionals Through the Bible

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"Grace Always Comes" takes you on a journey that will enable you to read the entire Bible in a year. However, these are not tedious readings that will bog you down somewhere in the Levitical law or tirades of the prophets. This plan includes daily devotionals that will give fresh meaning to each passage of scripture you read for the day. Author Lyn Robbins has done a remarkable job of making the Bible come to life and reveal the applicability to your modern day life.

"Lyn Robbins is a pure practitioner of the Christian faith. From a ringside seat as his former pastor to a regular reader of his writing, I marvel at his crisp and vibrant writing style along with his precise understanding of theological concepts. Grace Always Comes is not your typical devotional guide. Each day, the discovery of a spiritual truth emerges from Lyn's exposition of the chosen texts. It is my honor to recommend Grace Always Comes!"

Dr. Dan R. Francis, Pastor, Latonia Baptist Church, Covington, Kentucky

"In this day of biblical illiteracy, Lyn Robbins has done us all a superb favor: he has written a basic primer to the Bible story for a general readership presented in a digestible format. Grace Always Comes is an educational--as well as devotional--resource that will give the reader an overview of the Bible in a year's schedule of readings and applications. This material is relevant for both newcomers to the Bible and those who have read Holy Scripture their entire lives. But, no pabulum here. Lyn's interpretations of the 'old, old story' are lively, engaging, and sure to provoke the reader's own flights of spiritual discovery. An indispensable tool for pastors in helping shape disciples of Christ of any age."

Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, Pastor, Bread Fellowship, Fort Worth, Texas