Sacred Dung

Sacred Dung

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The best trips occur when you go off road and get in the muck and the mire—the dung of life. The best stories are about overcoming difficulties. What will yours be? As John Duncan writes, “You put the past in your rearview mirror, open your heart to God’s wonderful surprise, and reach forward by His grace as you journey onward. New commitments spell new goals, new dreams, and necessitate the un-fear of taking risks.”

 Dr. Daryl Eldridge, President of Rockbridge Seminary

“Sacred Dung: Grace to Turn Bad Things into Good Things” is an exceptional and captivating examination of the way God uses problems, failures, and difficulties to propagate the good things in our lives. It is really the gospel story – God turning defeat into victory, death into life, sorrow into joy.

“Sacred Dung” is the third book of John Duncan’s “Sacred Trilogy.” Each of these books looks at common experiences in the life of every believer, but turns them over and over, like a diamond in the hands of an experienced jeweler. Duncan has a wonderful grasp of the language, which allows him to present a marvelous display of God’s grace.

“Sacred Dung” provides a discussion of those things we would rather not talk about, but conversation is necessary because these things, as bad as they are, mold our lives. After reading this book you will look at your struggles and problems from a new perspective – through the lens of grace.