Sacred Space

Sacred Space

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Sacred Space is a book for those who feel bottle-necked, overloaded, trapped... in other words—all of us. If your soul has been damaged by an overloaded schedule, an over-technologized mind that pushed aside time for the sacred, and an over-hyped consumer church that marginalized the sacred (Christ, the cross and the resurrection) you will find help on these pages.

We need to slow down and make room for sacred space to renew our vision for life and our enthusiasm for living for Christ. The damaged soul can only find renewal when time given to the sacred opens hearts and minds to the joy of Christ.

Be still and know that He is God.

John Duncan is a pastor, scholar, husband, and father. As you read his books, his love for reading will become apparent. His favorite places to travel include Cambridge, England, the North Carolina mountains, and any beach with sand and water. John is a huge sports fan, especially of teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. His writing focuses on three elements: spiritual focus, nature, and the classics.